clavier music studio

Music for everyone

Clavier Music Studio offers professional instructions in piano performance as well as music theory and history for all ages and levels at our Maple Ridge studio. Serving students from Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam.



As all performers are strongly encouraged to stay during the entire recital program,

All volunteers must stay during the entire recital program.

PERFORMER'S DRESS CODE <- Please don't wear anything that is not appropriate!!

No jeans, boots, T-shirts, Hoodies or sneakers are allowed on the stage.

Please dress something neat and/or dressy, formal


1. In order to show respect and support for each other, all of the students are strongly recommended to attend and to stay for the entire concert program.

This rule applies to all the students, including non-performers in this recital.

2. Memory is required for any solo piece; students are not allowed to bring any music on stage unless it is with the consent of the teacher. Yet students should still bring their own music to the recital hall in case one needs to fix memory slips.

3. Please stay quiet during the entire program.

All cell phones are to be turned off before the concert starts.

Sorry, any noisemakers will be asked to leave.

For restroom users: please DO NOT leave your seats in the middle of any performance.

Respect the other performers.  Everyone is there to enjoy the music, and so please be considerate and give others your undivided attention as I’m sure you want others to enjoy the music you practiced so hard to perform.

4. All performers should arrive at least 15 mins before the recital.

5. All volunteers should arrive at least 30 mins before the recital.