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Clavier Music Studio offers professional instructions in piano performance as well as music theory and history for all ages and levels at our Maple Ridge studio. Serving students from Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam.




Hana is one of the best, most loved piano teacher I've ever known. Hana loves what she does and it show. From day one, I know that my daughter is in good hands of an accomplished and talented musician.

 After a year of tutelage under Hana, my daughter's piano playing has progressed enormously as she now plays from her heart and not just hitting the right keys!   Hana is always kind, patient and supportive. She understands the limitations of her students, the frustrations of daily practises or hitting the right movement and steers her students to work around these challenges cheerfully.

Apart from her teachings, my family enjoy the recitals and special events that Hana has professionally organized for they are great motivator for everyone! Thanks Hana for sharing your talent and gift with us!

Mum who lives far from Hana's studio


This summer, I took the CMS summer intensive history course. Having taken a similar course as a self study last year, I was expecting it to be completely abhorrent. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. Hana, with her amazing teaching skills, managed to make the course not-terrible and even fun! I felt very well prepared for the exam and ended up scoring 100%! To anyone planning to take a theory course: I highly recommend doing it with Ms. Hana. She's the best!

Linda Kingsman


This past summer I took an intensive summer “History 1: An Overview” course with Ms. Chung. Though there were three students in that class, I felt that Ms. Chung tailored her teaching to each student’s individual learning style. This made her teaching fun, and intense! It was because of her dedicated teaching style and detailed reviews that I scored a 95% on my exam! She did not leave any details out of her teaching and tried to incorporate humour when teaching us some of the dry and repetitive facts in the workbook. The essays that she made us write helped lock in every detail that we needed to know, the marker even writing “Well done!” and “A fine overview!” on my essays. If you are ever going to take a History 1 course, then I highly recommend that you take it with Ms. Chung! She is the best and most dedicated music teacher that I know; and she will adapt her teaching to your style, allowing you to get the best mark you can get!

Sangeetha Kasturi 

I've known Hana Chung for two years since she began teaching my daughters Maaya and Shaana. Maaya showed a love for music from a very young age and immediately I saw results, I am so pleased with how well my she now plays the piano and understands music theory.

It took Shaana a bit longer that I began to wonder whether or not piano lessons were right for her but as a direct result of Hana's patient & caring teaching she too has grown to love playing the piano. Hana makes learning piano fun and interesting by allowing them to choose some of their own contemporary pieces, and by using reward charts and prizes to give them a sense of accomplishment. Her teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly, encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress. She continuously inspires my daughters through her own love of music & gently encourages frequent practice, attention to details and dynamics in a relaxed learning environment.

A talented pianist and teacher Hana's love & dedication for music is apparent in her teaching. Hana knows how to help children's love of music grow in a fun way without making if feel laborious. She has instilled in my daughters a love for playing the piano that they want to practice daily on their own accord. A truly outstanding teacher who has helped my daughters blossom and become more confident.

I am really looking forward to my youngest daughter Keya starting this September as Hana truly inspires her students to enjoy learning and to love music with a genuine interest in each student and their family.

Bhavna Patel

I don’t know much music. Mrs. Hana has taught my girls the musical skills that I am lacking, and has done a wonderful job! My kids are always eager to go to piano lessons and are willing to practise without me having to remind them.  My kids love Mrs. Hana because she is not just a great piano teacher; she is also a good friend to the kids.

Marie of Maple Ridge, mother of four


Hana has been our daughter's piano teacher for a few years now, and we are extremely happy to have her in our daughter's life. Through Hana, our daughter has learned to love playing the piano. Hana not only teaches the technical aspects of playing the piano, but also instills in her students the discipline, hard work and genuine love for music. She also encourages her students to reach out to the community by performing at seniors homes and coordinating food bank drives. She is a great teacher who brings out the best in her students!

Elizabeth and Vince Zalamea


Mrs Hana has been a wonderful teacher to my girls.  Our girls Grace and Faith have flourished under Mrs Hana's teaching.  One of her strongest abilities must be her way of being able to apply pressure on her students to make the best of their potential in a positive and motivating manner.  Our girls have moved up the grades quickly under her and have learnt to play very well on their own.  They have since started playing for church and will themselves soon be in the process of learning how to teach younger children how to play.

On top of being a piano teacher, Mrs Hana is a friend, both to us and our children.  This brings her role beyond just teaching but guiding our girls in appreciating music and playing with their hearts, not just their fingers.  She is always encouraging, giving praise where due, yet being firm in correcting where needed.  Always cheerful and enthusiastic, Mrs Hana's passion for music and love for teaching her students is such a joy to watch.  Our girls like Mrs Hana so much that they want to do their best, practicing daily so that they can play well for her.

The regular recitals Mrs Hana organises are testimony of her skill and devotion as a piano teacher.  We have enjoyed having our girls performing at many of these, especially the community events where the music brings joy to people in the community.  Friends of ours who have come for these recitals leave with praises for the performances of her students. We are very privileged to have Mrs Hana teaching our daughters!!!!

Christopher and Cindy Tan



Hana has been teaching my son and daughter for the last 5 years.

Through her patient encouragement and positive reinforcement, my two kids have grown up as a young musician who loves playing the piano and they learn how to enjoy and appreciate for all things musical. Hana runs a a beautifully balanced program enriching not only technique but theory. You know how lucky to have the piano teacher who is rich in both! 

Hana has never stopped giving the opportunity to the students to perform in public: annual spring and winter studio recital,'music outreach' program, Kiwanis music festival and RCM practical exam etc. It is where my kids gain the enthusiasm and confidence. Definitely it is a great treat for me and all families and you can see how passionate Hana is about her teaching. Thank you Hana!

Judy Hong


Mrs Hana is so kind to me and a great teacher, she takes me a step higher with each lesson and guides me all the way through each piece that I play. Mrs Hana helps me enjoy each lesson that I want to practice each day.

Maaya Patel


My children joined Hana in September 2009 and since that time, they have made great strides in their musical training. My now sixteen year old son completed his RCM Grade 7 and at the time we met Hana, he was unsure if  he even wanted to continue onto Grade 2. Even though his studies have led him in a different direction, Hana and her teaching, will be with him forever. He still plays piano and now also plays Trumpet and Saxophone. He will be graduating high school this year with honors to continue on to University for a degree in Medicine. I know that the dedication and discipline that Hana has instilled in him will carry him far in life. 

My daughter started at the age of nine years old and in that time she has completed RCM Grades' 1-6 with First Class Honors or First Class Honors with Distinction. Katrina adores piano and wishes to continue on to University to get her Degree in Music and a Teaching Degree. I know that Hana has given her the guidance and support to help her with this decision and I know that Hana will always be in my daughter's life as a Mentor and a Role Model.

Hana has a wonderful teaching style that brings the best out in her students. Her love of music is evident in everything she does and her gentle way, endears her to everyone who meets her. Through her Music OutreachProgram, she has taught the importance of giving back to the community and had her students share their music with the elderly. The students always look forward to these performances and love to share their music.

I have recommended Hana to other people and I cannot say enough about her. She is not only a wonderful teacher but a wonderful person as well. Hana is a truly giftedpianist that has a wonderful way of sharing her gifts with her students and their families.

Shari Dowall